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3 Yellow Weeping Cultviars | How to differentiate between them!

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Acer palmatum 'Yellow Cascade'

The 'Yellow Cascade' plant features buttery yellow leaves on cascading branches that turn orange and then a bright red in autumn. This brand new addition to the plant world requires morning sun and protection from the hot afternoon sun for optimal coloring. With a heavily weeping habit, 'Yellow Cascade' has a shape similar to 'Ryusen' but with golden foliage. If staked, it will reach the height of the stake before cascading down. Without staking, it could serve as an excellent groundcover. The plant was discovered and introduced by Talon Buchholz.

Acer palmatum 'Dragon Master'

The 'Dragon Master' is a unique and vigorous weeping Japanese Maple, and one of the first of its kind. It has the same color profile as the ever-popular 'Orange Dream', but with the weeping habit of 'Ryusen'. In the spring, its leaves emerge as a stunning orange color, which quickly turns to yellow. If kept in full shade, the leaves will transform into a chartreuse green. However, to bring out the best colors and growth, it is recommended to give 'Dragon Master' some sunlight. Protection from hot afternoon sun is necessary for optimal coloring. In autumn, the foliage turns to orange-red. If staked, 'Dragon Master' can reach the same height as the stake, just like 'Ryusen'. For optimal shape, it is recommended to stake it to 4 to 6 feet. If left unstaked, 'Dragon Master' can make for a unique ground cover. 'Dragon Master' is the first of six weeping golden Ryusen-types that are now available. The one gallons available are young, and the tree pictured is a 7 gallon, showcasing the unique shape and color of this stunning tree.

Acer palmatum 'Golden Falls'

'Golden Falls' is a fresh weeping Japanese maple variety with stunning golden-yellow foliage. It was discovered as a chance seedling from 'Ryusei' and shares the same heavily weeping habit as its parent. The height of the tree depends on how high it is staked, from which point it cascades down. If left unstaked, 'Golden Falls' will spread across the ground, making for a distinctive ground cover. The accompanying image shows a 7-gallon tree, highlighting its unique color and shape. To bring out the best in 'Golden Falls', ensure it receives morning sun and is shielded from hot afternoon sun. Come autumn, the tree can be expected to don orange to red foliage.

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