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5 Tips for The Japanese Maple Spring Garden

Tip #5: Protect your plants from cold snaps! We have an excellent video on our YouTube and a very informative blog going over everything you need to know to protect your plant from cold snaps!

Tip #4: Protect your Japanese maples from frost! We go into great detail of this on our blog How to Protect Your Japanese Maple from Frost This is extremely important to the overall health of your plant.

Tip #3: Remove any rootstock growth from below the graft. Firstly determine the graft point, and remove the root stock from your Japanese maple. Doing this will ensure your plant will stay healthy and of the same cultivar!

Tip #2: Spring is the best time to fertilize your Japanese maple. During this time Japanese maples push a lot of growth during the Spring and ensuring your plant has the nutrients needs at the right time is vital to a healthy Japanese maple.

Tip #1: Capture the beauty of your Japanese maple and post them to our Facebook Group Friends Everyone in the group is waiting for your pictures!

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