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We've just released new & exciting cultivars today! Click here for more information.
We've just released new & exciting cultivars today! Click here for more information.

Rare Variegated & Reticulated Japanese Maples | Expert Picks

Aka Shigatatsu Sawa transforms into a stunning mid-sized Japanese maple, reaching heights of 8-12 ft. The vibrant reticulated veins beautifully complement the light reddish tones and creamy soft shades of its leaves. This maple variety thrives in filtered light or late-day shade, making it an ideal choice for showcasing its beauty. Whether used as a captivating focal point or as an accent tree among boldly colored leaves or evergreens, Aka Shigatatsu Sawa will undoubtedly capture your admiration every spring.


Acer palmatum 'Beni shichihenge'

The 'Beni shichihenge' Japanese maple is a stunning mid-sized tree that showcases a captivating array of colors. Its name, meaning "red and changeful," perfectly describes its beauty. The tree features breathtaking variegated pink and green leaves, making it highly coveted. In spring, the inner leaf emerges in a delicate shade of green, surrounded by magnificent pink margins. This enchanting display persists throughout the summer, as the pink borders transition into a lovely cream color, creating another captivating pattern. In autumn, the cream is replaced by vibrant tones of orange and red. For optimal color vibrancy, we recommend providing filtered afternoon light. With its upright growth habit, this Japanese maple can reach heights of 10-12 ft, adding a remarkable burst of color to your landscape and earning a place among your favorite trees.


Acer palmatum 'Ori zuru'

'Ori zuru' is an uncommon variety of Japanese maple that stands out with its striking variegation. The distinctively serrated leaves showcase beautiful pink and white splotches. Over a span of 10 years, 'Ori zuru' can grow to a height of 6-8 ft. It is important to shield this delicate maple from the intense afternoon sun in order to prevent any damage to the exquisite variegation during the summer season.


Acer palmatum 'First Ghost'

First Ghost' is the inaugural and most exceptional cultivar in the Ghost series of Japanese maples. During early spring, 'First Ghost' unfurls its leaves, revealing a stunning display of bright white to cream hues, intricately divided and accentuated by deep green veining on the inner side. The outer edge of the leaf is adorned with a captivating red-purple border. As the summer progresses, the reticulated variegation may evolve into dark green veining against a lighter green backdrop. To maintain the vibrant spring colors, it is advisable to shield 'First Ghost' from the scorching afternoon sun. With a semi-pendulous growth habit, this variety can reach a height of 10-12 ft and a spread equal to its height over a span of 15 years. As autumn arrives, 'First Ghost' transitions into a magnificent display of golden yellows and oranges. Undeniably, 'First Ghost' is a breathtaking Japanese maple and an essential addition to any garden.


Acer palmatum 'Grandma Ghost'

The beauty of the 'Grandma Ghost' leaf is both elegant and intricate. During the early spring, this Japanese maple variety showcases a creamy foliage with deep green reticulated veins. As a member of the Ghost series, 'Grandma Ghost' is a captivating addition to any garden, growing to a height and width of 8-10 ft over time. In the fall, the leaves transform into vibrant oranges and crimson reds. To ensure the best color and prolonged display of its variegation, it is advisable to protect 'Grandma Ghost' from the intense afternoon sun. By doing so, this maple can brighten even the shadiest corners of your garden.



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