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Acer japonicum 'Blushing Beauty' Red Full Moon Maple

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Acer japonicum 'Blushing Beauty' 

Full Moon Japanese Maple Tree

Zones 5-9

'Blushing Beauty' is a new full moon selection that has a bright pink to red hue over the leaf in the spring. This new selection was introduced by Ed Shin of Wall Township, NJ. Ed has introduced many desirable varieties over the years from ‘Bazinga’ to ‘Think Pink’. ‘Blushing Beauty’ is a mid-size Acer japonicum at around 8-10 ft in 10 years. The reddish spring display is best when leafed out slowly in spring. The red glow is replaced by light green by June. New growth can still exhibit some nice blushes of red/pink. The term “blushing” best describes this style as you can see the green below the glowing of red. This tree has also had some excellent bright red fall color that has typically been accented with yellow.  An ideal choice for introducing color and texture to your garden while enhancing autumn foliage and providing seasonal interest. 'Blushing Beauty' is sure to be a standout in any landscape.