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Acer palmatum 'Fireglow' Japanese Maple

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Acer palmatum 'Fireglow'

Excellent Bright Red 'Fireglow' Japanese Maple

Zones 5-9

'Fireglow' is an excellent red upright Japanese maple tree that reaches 10-12 ft in 15 years. 'Fireglow' leafs out as a bright red, before maturing to a deep maroon for the summer. 'Fireglow' will get an orange-red glow to the back side of the leaf when grown in the sun, giving the tree a brighter appearance and making it glow, when looking up from below. 'Fireglow' turns to a brighter fiery red in the fall.

The 'Fireglow' Japanese maple is an excellent heat tolerant red selection that can perform well in the South as well as the colder climates of the North. Being a smaller mid-sized tree, 'Fireglow' can provide color in the landscape while easily keeping a smaller stature than other comparable red upright Japanese maples trees. 'Fireglow' is one of the most desired Japanese maples.

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Denney
Fireglow Japanese Maple

Arrived in beautiful shape. Nice healthy tree. So glad I found Mr Maple. Interesting and informative videos. Couldn't be happier.

Misty Schrimsher
Tough and Beautiful

I have grown this tree from MrMaple for a year now, in hot Alabama, 7b. It takes the heat and the full sun like a champ. No leaf burn, no problems, just gorgeous red leaves that light up with the sunlight. When it is a little taller, how nice it will be to stand under its canopy and look up at the lovely glowing red foliage. This a no fuss no muss tree. The structure is sturdy and it handles all that a year in the ground here has thrown at it. Just do what the Maple brothers recommend with planting, good drainage, mulch, water, keep the weeds away and what a reward it gives you! I love it!!!

Kathleen Evans

The tree was perfectly packed and so it arrived in perfect condition. It is healthy, striking looking and just gorgeous! I am thrilled with it!


I got Fireglow a few months ago. It has now leafed out and I love the color. I think I'm going to be very pleased with this one.


This maple is going to bring me years of pleasure. Thanks guys and everyone at Mr Maple