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Acer palmatum 'Tattoo' Dwarf Japanese Maple

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Acer palmatum 'Tattoo'

Rare Grafted Dwarf Japanese Maple Tree

Zones 5-9

'Tattoo' is one of the smallest growing dwarf Japanese maples. This plant is an excellent choice for bonsai! 'Tattoo' has a tightly layering habit reaching 2 ft in height by 2-3 ft in width in 10 years. The leaf is more serrated than other "Mikawa-types". The chartreuse yellow-green leaves turn to darker green for the summer. 'Tattoo' turns to yellow to orange in the fall.  'Tattoo' was found and introduced by our good friend Billy Schwartz. 'Tattoo' is named after the character from Fantasy Island that would say,"De Plane! De Plane!". 'Tattoo is excellent for containers, small spaces or fairy gardens. While there is a "Kiyohime-type" with the same name, this is the more desired and exceptional tree for your garden.