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Poncirus trifoliata 'Tiny Dragon' Dwarf Contorted Hardy Orange

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Poncirus trifoliata 'Tiny Dragon'

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Hardy Orange Tree

Zones 5-10b

'Tiny Dragon'  is a dwarf contorted hardy orange with thin thread-like leaves. The branching is even more contorted than 'Flying Dragons' and is much slower in its growth. Ted Stephens and Rick Crowder found this hardy orange at a garden center in Japan as they were leaving Nagoya headed toward Gifu. While Ted ended up calling this selection 'Baby Dragon', Rick ended up calling this tree 'Tiny Dragon'. Either way, this dwarf contorted hardy orange stays small and is a great candidate for growing in a fairy garden or container. 'Tiny Dragon' may reach 4 ft by 4 ft in 15 years.

The fruit on 'Tiny Dragon' is rare but tastes quite tart, similar to a lemon. The fruit of this species is often used in making marmalade.  

*Due to shipping regulations we cannot ship citrus to California, Texas, Florida, and Arizona.


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