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Picea abies 'Dumpy' Rare Dwarf Norway Spruce

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Picea abies 'Dumpy'
Rare Dwarf Norway Spruce

Zones 4-8

Introducing a charming addition to your garden: a dwarf evergreen conifer boasting a dense, rounded form. Revel in its vibrant bright green needles and the delightful slightly clumpy appearance of its foliage. This beauty thrives best under the full sun, nestled in well-drained soil.

Picture a mature size of 2 ft tall by 2 ft wide over the span of 10 years, offering a compact yet striking presence in your landscape. It's a marvel of nature, a tight and dense globose miniature cultivar that once held the title of the smallest Picea in cultivation.

This extraordinary specimen was raised around 1970 from a witches' broom discovered on a Pygmean plant at Red Lodge Nursery in the UK. Embrace the history and charm of this miniature marvel, adding a touch of whimsy and elegance to your outdoor space.


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